Have you gone through the hiring process only to come out unsuccessful? Do you have too many competing priorities to be confident in your hire? Does your operations manager want you to hire as soon as you possibly can?

Whether the position you’re filling is for a fixed-term or is permanent, our services are flexible and tailored to your needs.

Contract Services


Our contract service is a standalone service where we are the Employer of Record for the candidate you select. We provide pay stubs, benefits, WSIB coverage and onboarding, so you can focus on managing performance.

First, we qualify your position by discussing the expected responsibilities and the required experience so we can search effectively and post an accurate job description.

Next, we search our extensive database for candidates and review applicants from our job posting. We will then send you a shortlist of qualified candidates and work with you until you select the right one.

This service is especially helpful if your business is looking to hire but wants to mitigate some of the risks involved in hiring or if you do not have the authorization to hire directly. If the situation changes and you want to hire the contract worker directly, we will work with you to make this transition happen.

Direct hire services

Our direct hire services include a range of options to help you hire a candidate directly for a fixed-term or permanent position.


Job posting and shortlisting

If all you need is a shortlist of qualified candidates, this helpful fee-for-service will speed up the hiring process for you. We will convert your job description into our standard Bakker Tailored Staffing format to attract prime candidates and then post your job for you, the same way your human resources team would.

Then, we will review the applications and provide a shortlist of suitable candidates to you on a weekly basis for the duration of the posting. You can reach out to these candidates at your discretion.


Job posting & screening

Screening will get you one step closer to the right candidate. In addition to posting and shortlisting, we will screen all shortlisted candidates. Our professional, courteous staff will ask relevant qualifying questions of shortlisted candidates to better understand what they can offer. 

With this fee-for-service, we will only submit qualified candidates who pass our screening questions, providing you with a summary of relevant skills and attributes for each candidate.  You can reach out to these candidates at your discretion.

Full placement service

With this premium service, Bakker Tailored Staffing completes the hiring process entirely — from start to finish.

In addition to providing a job description and posting, we will search our extensive database and connect with our network to find you the right candidate. Every candidate we present will be reviewed, screened and submitted with a summary of relevant skills and attributes.

We will hone our search for the perfect candidate with regular client communication and satisfy client queries by reconnecting with candidates as required. We will schedule interviews and take part in the negotiation to land a selected candidate. When a candidate is chosen, we provide a 90-day placement guarantee.